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Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau on the announcement of community workers in 2023
2023-07-05 09:00:00  Source: Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau  Editor in charge: Tong Zhongzheng  

To do a good job of the employment work of college graduates in 2023,At the same time, further enrich the strength of community workers,Build a high -quality community worker team,Optional talents to work at the grassroots level of the community,Improve community governance and service capabilities,Decided to recruit community workers from college graduates in 2023,Specific as follows:

I. Number of recruits

15 people in the recruitment community workers。Among them, 10 people are hired at the end of July,The street where the community position is located is specifically: 1 person in Xu Bi Street、2 people on Chengguan Street、1 person in Baisha Street、3 people in Fuxingbao Street、2 people in Yanqian Town、1 person in Yangxi Town; 5 people from from September to November,The streets where the community position is located is specifically: 1 person in Baisha Street、4 people on Lidong Street。Subsequent supplementary supplements based on the vacancy of the community position。

2. Recruitment conditions

1. Comply with the law of the country、Regulations,Good political quality,Responsibility heart strong。

2. Love community work,Have certain organizational management、Comprehensive coordination、Classics writing ability and related business knowledge,Pin Europa League winner odds 2024line up,The physical condition that meets the recruitment position。

3. Get a college degree or above recognized by the state,Professional is not limited。Graduation certificate and related certificate (certificate) of applicants must be obtained by September 2023。No academic qualifications、Degree certificate or those who do not meet relevant qualifications,Cancel the employment qualification。

4. The recruitment target is fresh graduates in 2023,As of July 5, 2023, the household registration was Sanyuan District。

5. Persons who have been punished for criminal punishment for crime,Persons who have been identified in the past three years with serious violations of recording and employment disciplines,and those who are not allowed to be hired by law shall not register。

3, recruitment registration

1. Registration method: On -site registration.

2. Registration time: July 5, 2023 to July 7, 2023 (8: 00-12: 00 in the morning of working days; 3: 00-6: 00 pm),Not handling overdue。

3. Registration location: Room 301, 3rd floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Sanyuan District (72 Building of Dong'an New Village, Sanyuan District)。Contact: Ms. Yang,Contact number: 0598-8235402。

4. Registration requirements:

(1) Candidates register,Must be filled in a complete "Registration Form for Sanyuan District 2023 Recruitment Community Workers" (see attachment) and 1 recent 1 -inch crown -free color photo paper version、1 -inch crown -free color photo electronic version (remark name+contact phone number) Send to the mailbox of Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau (。

(2) Candidates must hold their ID card when registering、Account Book、Education certificate、The original and photocopy of the materials such as the degree certificate,Political appearance provides the original and photocopy of the party group organization 2024 European Cup match predictionsrelationship for the party members or members of the Communist Party of China,Provide the "Electronic Record Form for the Ministry of Education's Academic Certificate"、"Online Verification Report of Chinese Higher Education Degree" ( download printing,。

(3) The application information submitted by the applicants should be true、Accurate,Provide false application information,Once verified,Cancel the qualification for application。The contact information left by the candidates should be accurate and unobstructed,The contact information left by the candidates should be accurate and unobstructed,Responsibility is responsible for the candidate。

5. Receive admission ticket Time: To be notified。When I receive it, I will get a admission ticket at Room 301, 3rd Floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Sanyuan District with my ID card。

4. Examination methods

1. The test form is written.

2. Exam content。Written test subjects set "Comprehensive Basic Knowledge",The main content is current affairs politics、Basic theory of political and economic、Community management、Professional ethics、Technology and humanistic common sense、Public Management、Community management、City Love District Love and Administrative Capability Test,Question type is objective questions and subjective questions,Take a closed volume form,100 points for full score,Exam time 120 minutes。

This test does not specify the test counseling book,No institutions and organizations are entrusted to organize examination counseling training courses without organizing。The review textbooks related to this test、Training Class、Website、Internet card、SMS、Test questions and answers,All have nothing to do with the Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau。Solemnly remind the candidates 2024 European Cup match predictionsfor the integrity test,Raise vigilance,Do not be deceived。

3. Exam time。Time、For details, see the standard test。When taking the exam,Must be carried with valid documents such as admission tickets and my ID card,Candidates who fail to provide the above documents will not take the exam。

4. Exam results、Ranking。The test score is based on the written test score,Ranking according to the written test score high to low score。If the candidate’s test score is the same,Candidates are based on political appearance (Communist Party member、League member)、Education (Undergraduate、Specialist) Priority arrangement; candidates will be announced on the website of the People's Government of Sanyuan District (the website of the Sanyuan District Government website。

5. Select job。Followed by the candidate's test scores from high to low scores and selected posts according to the ranking; when applicants choose community positions,Just choose the street level,Specific community is unified by the street selected by the applicants。Applicants want to give up because of personal reasons,It must be submitted by me in writing and abandoning the statement。If there is a vacancy in the job in the year,Replenishes from this recruiter in turn。Candidates who are willing to supplement are hired in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures,Candidates who are unwilling to make up are deemed to be voluntarily abandoning the qualifications and submitting my written statement。

5. Physical examination, commissioning

Exam scores from high to low scores at 1: 1 for physical examination、Council,Physical examination standards refer to the implementation of the current medical examination standards in the Fujian civil servants; the medical examination cost is taken care of by the physical examination; 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionthose who are absent from the medical examination,Cancel the qualification for employment; such as medical examination、Lessons will not be qualified,then supplement in turn。Persons to be hired shall be inspected by disciplinary inspection、Political and Law、Court、Procuratorate and other relevant departments for review,There is a criminal record、One of the cases of serious violations of laws and discipline,Cancel the employment qualification,Follow the candidate test scores from high to low in order。

6. Employment management and treatment

Public announcements will be publicized on the website of the Sanyuan District Government.。The employment nature is staff of non -governmental institutions,Salary standards are implemented in accordance with community workers' post standards,Pay "Five Insurance and One Gold" in accordance with relevant regulations。The newly hired staff's probation period is three months,After the probation period, the assessment is passed,Signed an employment agreement with the applicants with the street office。

7. Other requirements

1. The contact information left by the applicants should be accurate,Keep unblocked。Candidates need to understand the hired policy and other related issues,You can consult the Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau by phone,Consultation Tel: 0598-8235402。

2. The employment work adheres to "fairness、Justice、Public、Selecting the Principles,Accept the supervision of relevant departments and society。

3. This announcement is only applicable to this employment work,Understanding of the Sanyuan District Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for explanation。

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