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Happy Bao! The Ministry of Education praises the "double reduction" work of Sanyuan Education
2022-04-27 11:00:00  Source: District Education Bureau  Editor in charge: Wang Kaixin  

Recent,The Ministry of Education's "Double Subtitle" work special coordination mechanism Office published "Double Subtraction" Reform Dynamics ",Praised the Huming Primary School in our district to carry out the "School Bags Not Home",By improving the quality of after -school service,Really achieve the first and second grade student schoolbags without going home,Third to sixth grade students have no homework at noon,Have more time to participate in reading and practical activities。

"Double Settling" work is the Party Central Committee、A major decision -making deployment made by the State Council,Reason for the vital interests of the people,Three Yuan District Education Bureau deeply understand the "double reduction" spirit,Take further reduction in the burden of students' homework and off -school training as a top priority for current basic education at the stage of compulsory education.,Pay attention to strengthening the school -based discussion,Focus on building a new mechanism of "double reduction",Make our district's "double reduction" work presenting a wonderful situation in the school and outside the school。

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1. Quality of school -based operation

Since the semester,The district school school further strengthens the seminar of school -based operations,Each group of groups organize teaching and research teams to conduct discussions,Further improve the quality of school -based operations,To achieve "burden reduction and efficiency"。Sanming Chen Jingrun Experimental Primary School's "Double Three -color" school -based operation evaluation escort is promoted by Sanming Education Bureau by the Sanming Education Bureau。

2. The operation of the operation is to be reduced

Since the beginning of school,The pilot pilot of the "Noon Bags Bag Home" in elementary schools,District belongs to Huming Primary School、Dongxin Primary School、First Experimental School、Second Experimental Primary School、Construction Primary School and Bai Sha Elementary School 6 participated in the pilot,Each school can improve the quality after class,Grade first to second schoolbag does not go home,No homework at noon in grades in the third to sixth grade,Have more time to participate in reading、Practical activities,Make sure students' lunch breaks,"Don't go home" is the student's written homework,"Go Home" is a practical learning activity、Students learn time。A good effect is achieved,Shanghai Ming Elementary School This activity was notified and promoted by the Ministry of Education。

Spring 2022,40 primary and secondary schools in the district (including the city) to fully carry out after -school service work,"Double coverage" after class service after class,That is, "Compulsory Education School full coverage and service needs full coverage"。At present, the number of students from primary and secondary schools in the district 2024 European Cup match predictionsis 39374 after -school service students,The participation rate reaches 85.44%,Participate in service teachers、The number of volunteers reaches 2609 people。Strike district financial support at the same time,Solve the funds of the service personnel of the after -school service personnel in the spring of 2021,It has been distributed in place。

Outside school: Reduce student training burden

To promote the flowering and flowering work of the improvement of off -school training institutions,Three Yuan District launched the "White+Black" work method,Pay close attention to work implementation,Beware of "Press the gourd to float up the scoop"。The Education Bureau implements the "Four Implementation" policy in a timely manner,That is to implement the work responsibility system for work,Establishing a special class for rectification,Continuous long -term advancement; implementation of all staff learning system,Meeting everyone is familiar with the "double reduction" policy、Disciplinary training institutions such as off -campus training institutions; implementation of the bureau cadre hanging point system,Cadres who are required to hang out off -campus training institutions planted "responsibility fields",Be a good "vanguard"; implement the system of home school holding hands,Guide parents to establish the correct view of education。

The particularity of the training period for off -school training institutions,Staff at the District Education Bureau to go to work when they are wrong,Use holidays、Weekend、Carnival inspections at night,Strictly check the "Deformation" of off -school training such as "Hiding Cats" type supplementary class。

Day,Special Course of Special Remediation、Education Bureau hanging some cadres to conduct irregular inspections,From "Certificate Registration、Safety risks、Training behavior、Advertising、Toll Management "five aspects of the five aspects, conduct inspection and guidance,Grabbing the co -management to promote the standardized running school for off -school training institutions。Since July,More than 60 cadres in the bureau cadres,On Sunday、French holidays and other time conducted 4 rounds of full coverage inspections,More than 30 rectification notices are issued。

evening,The members of the inspection team are required to make the "seven types of" the "variation form" of discipline training,Carry out an assault inspection action。Members of the inspection team found "clues",Grasp the "Case of Case",For institutions that are still "crimes in the wind" for individuals,List of the focus of focus。If on the evening of December 6,Discovered during assault inspections of off -school training institutions,Mai Xin's education business scope is children's robot programming,Actually there is a phenomenon of discipline training,Inspectors immediately issued a notice of rectification,It is required that the agency will stop discipline training immediately。Since July,Top 106 person -times of inspection of off -campus institutions,29 rectification notices,Processing illegal training 3,Effective rectification of irregular school issues of off -school training institutions。

Questions found in the inspection,To avoid students and parents from becoming a new "back pot man",40 primary and secondary schools in the district held the theme team meeting of "Training to Mutant 2024 European Cup Football Result PredictionFaculty Category",Improve the ability of speculation,"loosen" for the parents' economy,"reduce burden" for students' physical and mental body and mind。


April 22,At the province's off -campus education and training management promotion meeting,The Director of Education made "Typical Experience Sharing of Hidden Mutation Governance of Sanming City"。

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January 24, 2022,Education and Training Supervision Department of the Ministry of Education issued a notice,Strictly organized selection,"White+Black" work method in Sanming City Three Yuan District,Write the second half of the article on off -campus training and rectification "was rated as" National Outstanding Case of Two Subtraction 'Work "。

January 2022,"White+Black" work method in Sanming City Three Yuan District,Write the Second Half of the Article of Outside School Training and Rectification "becomes a typical case of" double reduction "work promoted by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education (Fujian Jianji [2022] No. 3)。

November 2021,The Ministry of Education News Office published an article "A Family Book、Creation song、Qunkou Allegro ... Short video takes you to see the "double reduction" exploration of schools in various places ",Sanyuan District Huming Primary School short video "Double Decrease. Sybille" on the list。

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