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These Sanming stories have been circulating for a long time ...,Also belongs to future generations
2021-02-15 10:30:00  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zhang Fang  

May 1996 to June 2002,Comrade Xi Jinping 11 times to Sanming City for research,141 points in 12 counties and cities in Sanming。From steel factory to thousands of acres of orchard,From industrial parks to farmers' homes,Comrade Xi Jinping visited Sanming's mountains and water,Leave a lot of moving stories。

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In the Museum of Wanshouyan Site of Sanming City,Exhibition with two precious files。The signatures of these two documents are Xi Jinping。

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Wanshouyan Site is located in Yanqian Village, Yanqian Town, Sanyuan District。European Cup Online Football Betting OddsIn the 1970s,Wan Shouyan is rich in ketolite,An important mining point for becoming Sanming Iron Factory。1998,Some local elderly people wrote a letter to the cultural relics department,Persist in expressing "there is treasure on the mountain",Requires to protect cultural relics on the mountain。

Archaeological Team and Sangang have a one -month archeological period agreement。September 1999,Archaeological team found a large number of stone products and mammals fossils,The history of ancient humans on Fujian activities was advanced to 185,000 years ago。Especially the artificial stone shop in the cave、Drainage grooves and other relics are 40,000 years away from today,It is known as the earliest "indoor decoration project" in China。

Site protection is urgent! However, what to do if the output value loss of the enterprise,Where can I find limestone? January 1, 2000,At that time, Comrade Xi Jinping, who was the governor of Fujian Province, instructed the protection of Wanshouyan Site: the site of the Wanshouyan Paleolithic Europa League winner odds 2024Times of Sanming City is the first important discovery of prehistoric archeology of our province,It is also a rare important prehistoric relic in China,It must be carefully protected and properly protected。

Comrade Xi Jinping emphasized in the instructions,Wanshouyan Paleolithic Times Cave Site as an indispensable precious cultural relic resource,Not only belongs to us,Also belongs to future generations,No individual or unit can destroy the interests of the whole society and future generations in order to seek or local interests。San Steel stopped mining,Migration mining point,Relocation processing enterprise,Dial land and real estate for free,This precious site is saved by lucky。

2001,Wanshouyan is listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit、It was rated as the top ten new archeological discoveries in the country; 2006,Build a special museum of the first old stone era in the province ... protection of Wanshouyan、Research、Development、Utilization to get a comprehensive advance。

Today's Wanshouyan,Green ecology and cultural tourism recreation accelerated integration and development,The National Archaeological Site Park has been built,Become a local tourism development、An important stop of scientific research and teaching。

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