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Appreciation of Wanshouyan Practicing the New Concept -the Launch Ceremony of the Wanshouyan Cultural Tourism Festival Activity Launch Ceremony
2021-01-05 11:50:00  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zhang Fang  

Early morning January 1,Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park。The white frost on the grass has not faded,Wanshouyan in winter shows the vast color,Laughing and laughing in the fluttering crowd。

Sanyuan District Committee、The launching ceremony of the Wanshouyan Cultural Tourism Festival series sponsored by the district government officially appeared。

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New Year of the New Year,Ascend to pray for Xinfu。The local performance "Fujian Drum" in front of the rock kicks off the event。Dance、solo、Singing Dance,The lively warm -field show,Quickly drive away the chill of winter。

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Startup ritual

Color bombs、Golden Fan wave,Ten characters of "Perform Wanshouyan Practicing New Concepts" instantly appear on the stage。

Deepen the unique cultural resources unique to Wanshouyan,According to the concept of "Internet+culture+tourism",Integrated patriotic education、Archaeological Experience、Popular science practice、Cultural Tourism Kangyang、Ecological leisure and other elements,Relying on the golden signboard of the Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park in Yantian Town,Three Yuan District is actively doing a good job in the integration of cultural tourism,Focus on improving the influence of the Sanyuan Cultural Tourism brand,is "Ecological Beauty Three Yuan、Industrial Strong Three Yuan、Satisfaction in the construction of the three yuan "made greater contributions。

Starting ceremony of the day,It also promotes the further start of the brand of Wanshouyan Cultural Tourism Festival,attracted many people to come here。Qingshan Green Water Club is an environmental public welfare organization from Shaxian,After learning the news held by the event,Team members are together,The Europa League winner odds 2024small team of ten people came to participate in the event。

"I came to Wanshouyan for the first time in 2018,Almost once a year。Now I feel that the infrastructure of the park has improved a lot。"Jiang Zhenhui is the person in charge of the green mountain and green water club,He took his 13 -year -old son to participate in the event that day。Many experiential link design on the spot,Make him unable to like the place。Before the start of the event,Everyone is busy taking pictures,I am too busy。The organizer will the ancient human cultural knowledge,Integrated into the scene of the characters and scene layout,Let everyone experience the rich ancient human cultural atmosphere of Wanshouyan on the spot。

Awards with prizes、Fitness Run、Guess Lantern Riddle、Ascend to pray for blessings ...。Wanshouyan under,People release vitality on the empty ping,Pray for good luck in the New Year。Parents patiently teach their children,Hang the red prayer on the tree。

After some tour,People come to the "Rock Foodhui" opposite the tourist service center。The booth is not large,Victory in characteristic authentic。Local villagers European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsinhabited from Wanshouyan for generations,Now,This Shenshan, who is regarded by them as a spiritual home,attracts eighty tourists,Nourishing their lives。

Tourists buy local snacks in "Rock Food".

"More activities here now,Popularity is prosperous,The business is very good。"Chen Shijin's family lives in Yanqian Town,Originally full -time with children at home,Since the town has provided booths for free in "Rock Food" since last year,She made an application。After a day,Can also have two or three hundred yuan income,Chen Shijin feels very satisfied。

"Source of Fujian people,Fushou Three Yuan "。A fun activities,Lands in the three yuan thick historical and cultural resources,Let people feel in the beauty of the landscape,Practice in the beauty of humanities。

// Sanming Daily reporter Zeng Fengqing

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