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Tell the story of Wanshouyan Cultural Confidence -Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government fully promote the Wanshouyan site protection and utilization work side
2021-01-05 10:35:00  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zhang Fang  

● Sanming Daily reporter Zeng Fengqing

One yuan replica,Vientiane update。For the Wanshouyan site,"New Year's Day" this special festival,More important significance。

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Wanshouyan Site is General Secretary Xi Jinping during work in Fujian,I personally instructed the important prehistoric relics that rescued and protected。January 1, 2000,Then Xi Jinping, the governor of Fujian Province, made an important instructions: the site of the Wanshouyan Paleolithic Times of Sanming City is the first important discovery of prehistoric archeology of our province,It is also a rare important prehistoric relic in China,It must be carefully protected and properly protected。January 25, 2000,Comrade Xi Jinping once again issued an important instructions on the protection of the Wanshouyan site again。

Now,Wanshouyan site protection and utilization,As the overall layout of the "five -in -one" overall layout、Coordinated the important part of the "Sanming Practice" of the "Four Comprehensive" strategic layout,It has become the nation's "vivid sample and classic case of corrected economic development and cultural relics protection relationships"。

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2020 just passed,For the Wanshouyan site,It is a year worth remembering。Concentrated reports from the mainstream media of the central government,To the theme interview activities of "Sanming Practice",Wanshouyan has always appeared frequently in major media platforms 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionin the country,Public news hotspots that become public opinion from all walks of life。

Behind the news hotspot,Thinking more calm thinking。An article、shows one by one,Thinking of people's thinking about the Wanshouyan site in a wider range,It also tests the work of the protection and utilization of the site in a deeper level。With the help of Comrade Xi Jinping's instructions to protect the 20th anniversary of the Wanshouyan site,How to further promote the protection and utilization of the Wanshouyan site,Become the focus of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government。

Leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government many field research、Promoting the protection and utilization of Wanshouyan sites on the spot,Emphasize to keep in mind the important entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping,Protect the site with deeper feelings,"Protective、Rescue 1、Reasonable use、Strengthen Management ",Comprehensive improvement of site research、Protection、Utilization level,Seize rare opportunities,Effectively make it into an important urban business card of Sanming。

August 2020,The editorial board of the Municipal Party Committee officially approves,The cultural relics protection office of the Wanshouyan site of Sanming City (Museum of Wanshouyan Site) was renamed as Sanming Wanshouyan Site Protection Center (Wanshouyan Site Museum),Adjustment to a public institution directly under the municipal government,Institutional specifications are determined to be quite deputy level,It is managed by Sanyuan District Government。Behind the name change,It is further compacking of responsibility,It is further clarity of the task。

Protection,Rescue 1。A cultural site with a history of 200,000 years,Protective use will naturally face many problems。The Government of the Sanyuan District Party Committee actively acts as,The Protection Center of the Wanshouyan Site is actively promoted,Taking the problem as the point and breakthrough point,Site protection and utilization work accelerates forward。

Digital protection 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionand application projects of the Museum of Wanshouyan Site Museum is accelerating the optimization design of the plan; the security increase project of Wanshouyan Site is promoted in order;。The protection of the Wanshouyan site involves all aspects,Passing Cave Protection Sheds After many modifications,New construction drawings have been completed,The project budget is prepared; a new batch of soil covering and turf planting work in the site park,It is grabbing the good weather; the repair of various items for the museum,It is also promoting in an orderly manner ...

"The Wanshouyan Paleolithic Times Cave Site is used as an indispensable precious cultural relic resource,Not only belongs to us,Also belongs to future generations。"The important call of General Secretary Xi Jinping entrusts deafness,Always inspire everyone to use deeper feelings,Do a good job of the protection and utilization of Wanshouyan site。

Deepen the use with a more realistic spirit

We must further build Wanshouyan into a national gold signboard for Sanming,You must tell the cultural self -confidence story behind it。

Do a good job of the protection and utilization of Wanshouyan site,The construction of a cultural strong country。Archeological research is the basis for the protection and utilization of the Wanshouyan site,Chinese Academy of Science、Peking University Archaeological Expo College Wanshouyan site teaching practice and research base has been established one after another ...

Site Park is not a fairy tale world,But behind the site "Repair as the Old",But it is human effort and culture of self -confidence。Current,Research on the Protection of Wanshouyan Site、Management and utilization is accelerating the transformation,It is being excavated and constructed by the excavation and construction of rescue,Transfer to in -depth research、Phase of long -term protection and stable development。

"Zhou You Zhoukou Store,There is Wanshouyan in the South "。Wanshouyan Site as rare prehistoric relics in China,It is an ancient 2024 European Cup match predictionshome on both sides of the Straits,Known as the "source of Fujian people",Although reports on the Wanshouyan site often see the newspapers,But the story of every Wanshouyan site can still tell new ideas。

At the end of November 2020,A research experience activity with the theme of "Research Wanshouyan Dialogue",held in Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park。300 students sign up for,Everyone is divided into 3 groups,Through team collaboration,Reproduced the "construction" scene of the ancient stone shop。Children call straight,It is difficult to imagine that ancient humans are in the case of lack of tools,Actually, I can complete the pioneering lobby of the stone shop ground,It's really amazing。

Now,Cultural activities like this are increasingly frequently held in the Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park。Patriotic Education、Archaeological experience、Popular science practice ... The story of the Wanshouyan site,In a variety of experiences,The more fresh, the more fresh。

At the same time as the "science popularization" article for the public,Based on the professional communication and improvement of itself, it is also promoting simultaneously。2021,The 44th World Heritage Conference will be held in our province,Wanshouyan site as one of the visit points of the World Heritage Conference,It will usher in more professional attention。

Promote integration with a wider field of vision

January 1, 2021,A new plaque flower Luo Luo Luo Luoqian Town, where the Wanshouyan site is located。Previous,Wanshou Rockwen Travel Town Scenic Area was approved as a national 4A -level tourist attraction。Activity scene,A formal grant ceremony。This means,Relying on Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park,On the road of integration of cultural tourism,Take a new step again。

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Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau award 4A -level plaque to Yanqian Town

Wanshouyan site is an important city business card of Sanming,Not only the protection and utilization work,The road to integration of cultural tourism is European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsalso necessary,Let the people have more real senses。Under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government,Three Yuan District determined to use 2021 as the project for the project,The protection and utilization of the Wanshouyan site as the faucet,Effectively seize the opportunity,Write the "Sanming Practice" three yuan chapter。

This sense of gain,Now the people in Yanqian Town have become more and more clear.。64 -year -old Wu Wenzhen runs a breakfast stall in the town,Now every weekend leave,After receiving the stall at the breakfast stall,I will bring my own oil cake stand to the Wanshouyan site。

Since last year,Visitors at the Wanshouyan site have increased,Town guides the local people to organize "Rock Food",Mainly for local specialty snacks,Provide more than 20 booths for free,Increase the income of the people,It also enriches the experience of tourists。

Young guy Wang Ball is meandering with mountain roads、Features of forests and water,Decide to take outdoor off -road as the core,Construction outdoor expansion project,Founding the "Wild Autumn Famous Mountain Club"。Driven by the Wanshouyan Cultural Travel Town,Tourists from all over the place,He brought him a new life。

It is adjacent to the Wanshouyan National Site Park,Workers are taking advantage of the fine weather,Hurry up to repairs to Lang Guandi。This Qing Dynasty building,Both rich local cultural characteristics,At the same time, it is also a famous red cultural site in Sanyuan District。

"Beads into Chain,Strengthening moving line design,Tourists come to the front and back of the rock,Not only can you play in Wanshouyan,You can also get a tourist experience that eats and lives and entertainment。"January 1,Leading team to Wanshouyan's deputy general manager of Sanminghui International Travel Service Huang Liping said with confidence。

From pieces of flower fields to one farm,From leisure trails to dragon scales dam,Sighing the old people,Today's Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsWanshouyan is really different,The scenery is getting more and more beautiful,Popularity is getting stronger,Green Water Qingshan has really become Jinshan Yinshan。

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