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Feng Zhan Hongqi Ru Dai Sanming
2020-11-24 09:35:28  Source: Sanming Daily  Editor in charge: Zhang Fang  

● Three Tomorrow Triple Triple reporter Station Chen Shiyu

Boil a bowl of tea,Jingyi Youran。Laten Natural Village in Yanqian, Sanyuan District,Stupid、The quaint and elegant Yuanchu Ecological Agricultural Kangyang Manor stands between the mountain houses。Visitors in the house after repair,Experience one side agility,Feeling easy、Natural、The quiet atmosphere。

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Yanqian calmly natural village

The Ecological Agricultural Ecstasy Manor is located at the location of the Wanshouyan site,Is the Wanshou Rockwen Travel Integration Project。In recent years,Three Yuan District actively practiced "use it under protection,Promote protection in the process of use,Promoting the landing project of the cultural tourism integration project,Vigorously develop travel,Let the ancient Wanshouyan site usher in new students,The ecology of the town is more beautiful,The popularity is even more prosperous,Villagers' waist bags are also even even drum。

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"Sanming has a unique ecological environment resources,2024 European Cup match predictionsI want to convert this ecological environment resources into high -quality products with sandwich characteristics,Transfer to all parts of the country。"Lu Zhiqiang, general manager of Yuanchu Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. said。

Adhering to the desire and return of nature for the complete life,Lu Zhiqiang team uses a three -dimensional ecological breeding mode to plant organic selenium -rich rice、Selenium -rich vegetables,Breeding ecological rice, flower, fish, etc.。In the village,Villagers turn into "Yuanchu",In the production of organic agricultural products。

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Ecological Agricultural Condor Manor

One to weekends,Visitors stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city,Along the winding mountain road,Come to Yuanchu Ecological Agricultural Recreation Manor。Lu Zhiqiang repair the old house,Create a characteristic homestay in a fusion of wooden building beauty and modern living elements in the ground village,Build a collection of leisure travel、Catering Entertainment、Kang Yang Jingxiu and other multi -functional comprehensive leisure ecological farms。

This is the opportunity of Sanyuan District with the integration of cultural tourism,A microcosm of promoting new development in the countryside。Three Yuan District is based on the Wanshouyan National Archaeological Site Park as the main axis,According to the "Big Concept Plan、Start of Small Project "work ideas,Overall planning and design of Wanshouyan-Ge's Celestial Travel Guide Belt,Integrate to integrate 2024 European Cup match predictionsZhongshan Eighteen Village、Hengkeng Hot Spring and other advantageous resources,Promote the total length of 37 kilometers、Construction of Cultural Tourism and Cainted Belt with a coverage area of ​​311 square kilometers。At the same time,Vigorously cultivate new professional farmers,Use existing agricultural foundation,Deep Dig Passion Fruit、Navel Orange、Pig breeding、B & B and other agricultural and rural resources,Support new types of professional farmers such as "One Family Farm", "Furida Baixiang Fruit", "Yuanchu Ecological Industrial Park",Driving entrepreneurship with employment,Help the people to increase their income,Persist in protecting and improving people's livelihood,Realize the development of rural rejuvenation in the town。

Promote the beauty of the people with employment

"Fujian boiled",fragrant soft and sweet 糍,The crispy Wanshou bag ... In the Sanyuan Wanshouyan Camp and Sanyuan Folk Customs Campaign, which was launched on November 22,,"Rock Food" snacks of different flavors are sought after by tourists。

"Rock Food" snacks are sought after by tourists

"Good business,Yesterday's income yesterday income nearly 500 yuan。"Lu Shengzhang is a stall owner of the" Weekend Market "of Yanqian Town,Her specialty food Wanshou Kunji,attracts tourists to be fast in front of the booth。

"Rock Food" Weekend Market in the Grand Harvest Titan Garden in the Wanshou Rock Scenic Area,This is the gourmet practitioners with local characteristics and southern Fujian flavor Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Oddsin the first place of Rockqian Town,Plan a about 50 meters in the Wanshouyan Scenic Area、The "Rock Food" snack promenade with 20 stalls,For free villagers to use,and provide water and electricity for free。

In recent years,Yanqian Town relies on Wanshouyan Cultural Tourism Brand,Actively guide the villagers "home door" employment,The 31 -year -old Wang Ball is a locals in Yanqian Town,I have been working foreign workers before。With the strength of Wanshouyan's protection and development, it continues to increase,Cultural Tourism integration and development are becoming more mature,Wanshou Rockwen Travel Town Scenic Area successfully declared 3A、4A -level scenic spot,Wanshouyan brand is more influential and radiated,Wang Qiu's relatives moved on the development of cultural tourism integration projects。

April this year,Wang Qiu pro -in Chongqing for project inspection,Winding in the mountain road in combination with its own venue、Features of forests and water,He immediately decided to take outdoor off -road as the core,Construction outdoor expansion project,Founding the "Wild Autumn Famous Mountain Club"。"With the popularity of the scenic area, the popularity is getting stronger,The current business is not bad,monthly income can reach more than 60,000 yuan。"Wang Qiu introduced,Driven by the Wanshouyan Cultural Travel Town,Tourists from all over the place,I brought him new income、New Life。


Cultural relics protection and Europa League winner odds 2024economic development can be integrated with each other、complement each other。Wanshouyan Site Protection and Archaeological Site Park Construction,In promoting regional economic development、There is a new driving force for driving tourism resources。Per capita income in the town of 2019 21722 yuan,Poverty of 55 households, 100 households, 100 households, 100 people realize stable poverty。Yanqian Town has obtained a national civilized village and town、National Ecological Township、Provincial disciplinary inspection and supervision system advanced collective and other honorary titles,Town as a provincial rural revitalization pilot town。July 2020,Wanshou Rockwen Travel Town Scenic Area was awarded the National 4A Tourism Scenic Area,A win -win achievement of the ecological civilization and development of the scenic area。 

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