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Wind Zhan Hongqi Ru Sanming,Feel the green mountains and green mountains!
2020-10-23 17:35:00  Source: Sanming Rong Media Center  Editor in charge:  

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New paintings of industrial cities

Green landscape is picturesque

Civilized new wind enters the painting

Red Sandwry Industry Sanming

Green Sanming Civilized Sanming

It is Sanming's four characteristic cities business cards

It also gives Sanming people a sense of belonging and pride

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"Sanming Daily" Zhou Zhihong

October 22

"Feng Zhan Red Flags and Three Ming" theme interview group

Come toSanyuan

FromWanshouyan siteProtection and use

toCall of Ecological Agricultural Recreation BaseConstruction

Take all the way all the way

Reporters from mainstream media from East China

How to practice the Sanyuan"Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan"Development Theory

With more specific and vivid feelings

Wanshouyan: The vivid practice of green development


180,000 years ago, the Europa League winner odds 2024cultural site of the Paleolithic Age

Intellectible to the top 100 sites across the country

The fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units

Known as the "Source of Fujian", "Southern Zhoukou Store"

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"Xuzhou Daily" Liu Bingwi

Photo by Lu Bin, Rong Media Center, Yiwu City, Zhejiang

Enter here, lake and mountain color

Green grass, blue water, Qingshan

Caves, pastoral,

Ancient culture blends here

"Huainan Daily" Zhang Yue

Mention Wanshan Rock

The reporters of the interview group are no stranger

Director of the New Visual Department of Huzhou News Media Center

Wu JianxunTell Xiaobian

He remembers the headline of the People's Daily

There is a report that is "Wanshouyan" New Birth ""

Detailed reporting the site of the Wanshou Rock Paleolithic Times

The process of rescue from mining explosives

Wu Jianxun, Director of the New Visual Department of Huzhou News Media Center:

Today's interview allowed me to learn more about the new development of the protection and utilization of the Wanshouyan site,Learn about the "alive" approach of Sanming's Wanshouyan site,Especially in the interview today, I met a group of children who came here to carry out studies,Let me look forward to progress here. New development after the integration of cultural tourism,I will continue to pay attention to the protection and use of the Wanshouyan site in the future。

"Sanming Daily" Zhou Zhihong

"Jinhua Daily" Wang Zhijin Photo

In the process of interviewing Wanshouyan

Director of the Visual Center of Zhenjiang Daily

Shi XiaogangVery emotional

Director of the Visual Center of Zhenjiang Daily: Shi Xiaogang:

At the beginning, the valuable heritage left by Sanming to protect the old ancestors,It is better to sacrifice a little development speed。Now Sanming takes the protection and utilization of the Wanshouyan site as a gravity,Promote the healthy development of the surrounding cultural tourism industry,Villagers' gains、The sense of happiness continues to improve,It is also more actively participating in the protection and utilization of the site,I think this is the vivid practice of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains"。

"Zhenjiang Daily" Shi Xiaogang Photo

Yuanchu Farm: Dream Round Green Water and Green Mountains

Blue brick Biwa Yin between the green mountains and green water

"It's really a paradise here!"

Reporters from the interview group came to Yuanchu Farm

I made such a sigh

Shanghai "Wen Wei Po" Zhao Lirong Photo

Shanghai "Wen Wei Po" Zhao Lirong Photo

"Taizhou Daily" Photography reporter

Zheng Youliandeeply attracted by it here

"Taizhou Daily" photographer Zheng Youlian:

Every bit here Europa League winner odds 2024makes people feel full of artistic atmosphere,It feels very comfortable。Further understanding this is the transformation of the renovation of local old farm houses,I even more sigh,I use a three -dimensional ecological breeding mode to plant organic selenium -rich rice、Selenium -rich vegetables,Breeding ecological rice, flowers and fish, etc. I am very interested,My family and I like travel everywhere,Here is very suitable for people in big cities to take a few days of rest for a few days,Look at the rice fields and ducks、Look at planting vegetables、Breathing fresh air,pretty good。

"Xuzhou Daily" Liu Bingwi

"Huainan Daily" Zhang Yue

As the first generation of "New Sanmingren",1958,Lu Zhiqiang's father responded to the call to support the construction of the motherland,From Shanghai to Sanming,Since then, I have picked up the land,Lu Zhiqiang also followed with Sanming for an inexplicable fate。Although working in first -tier cities for many years,But the idea of ​​returning to start a business has already buried seeds in Lu Zhiqiang。

"Sanminglin Deepwater Beauty,It is also the place where I have me,I want to bring Sanming's ecological resources to more people。"" With such an original heart,Lu Zhiqiang founded the Yuanchu Ecological Manor。

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