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Wind Zhan Hongqi like painting Sanming,Delicious! Sanyuan will host the "Yuanwei Sanming · Food Carnival" activity
2020-09-25 15:25:00  Source: Sanming Rong Media Center  Editor in charge: Zhang Fang  

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All kinds of unique local foods conquer your taste buds.

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According to the "Notice on Doing a Good,September 27,Large -scale consumer activities "Yuanwei Sanming · Food Carnival" will be inThree Yuan District Yongjia Tian Di Huehehui Square Golden Streetgrand opening.

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from Sanming City Business Bureau、Sanyuan District Government Guidance, Three Yuan District Industrial Information and Business Bureau、Hosted by the Sports and Sports and Tourism Bureau of Sanyuan District,Europa League 2024 Online Betting and OddsThe purpose is to further implement the "Fujian Province Promoting Consumption Action Plan",Stimulate consumption potential,Promoting consumer confidence,Drives the development of cultural tourism and consumer commercial circles。 

Sanming has 6 millennium ancient counties,The production process of many food has been passed down from Shengtang,Dietary culture is far away,There are many varieties,Color、Xiang、taste、All aspects are extremely sophisticated,All kinds of dishes pay attention to topics、Content and meaning,and infiltrate local history、Folklore、People's sentiment,Whether it is locals or Chinese and foreign tourists,All attractive food with unique flavors。 

This event will focus on showing representative foods in Sanming City and Fujian Province、dishes、Snacks and agricultural products with regional characteristics,Let the general public、Visitors can taste authentic source Sanming snacks in one stop,Feeling the history 2024 European Cup match predictionsof Bamin、Cultural style。

Gourmet assembly

Sanyuankou ritual cake, triangle smoked duck soup powder,

Wanshouyan 糍, Taining Jade Jade roll,

Shaxian taro bags, Flun Tea, Youxi Da Nun,

Ninghua Hakka snack Huang Yan, Mingxi fern beard bag,

Qingliu Dou Decoction, Fuzhou Fish Pills, Yongding Beef Ball,

Xianyou intestines, Xiamen sand tea noodles ...

These authentic delicious formation forms a gourmet carnival,

It is also a typical representative of Babin's food.

Sanming famous snack   

Eight Minnn Foods on the tip of the tongue  

Dessert Culture Festival  

Chinese food 

In the event,

There are also agricultural special ingredients products exhibitions,

Chaoku Party DJ Show,

Bag Dance Music Festival,

Folk Art Performance,

A group of stars and big coffees came to the scene to help out.

Agricultural Special Product Exhibition Area

sunset Sanming · Electronic Founding

Corporate booth contact person: 18659429688

2020 pouting the temptation of fireworks night

Dozens of delicious snacks, colorful night life

Double enjoyment of visual taste

Don’t wipe the mouth

Yuanwei Sanming · Food Carnival is waiting for you to check in

Meet you 

September 27, 2020-October 1 

Three Yuan District Yongjia Tian Di Huehehui Square Golden Street 

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