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Taro dumplings
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Three Yuan people spend the Mid -Autumn Festival except to eat moon cakes,Also pay attention to the dinner of the Mid -Autumn Festival,Mid -Autumn Festival Dinner Trichotomy, neither invitation nor should I ask,Be sure to gather together for your own family,Two foods must not be less: First, duck,The second is taro dumplings。Said the traveler of the Quartet,Also sticking together like taro dumplings,The family is harmoniously united and happy。

Production process:.,

(1) Main raw materials: taro、Fern powder、sweet potato powder、filling。

(2) Production process:

1.Boil taro: Wash, cook the taro to the soil, and cooler.

2.Peeling taro puree: When the taro will not be hot,Peel off the taro skin,Use a blade to suppress the taro,Add some salt water to turn the taro into taro puree。

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3.and kneading taro noodles。First of the fern powder and sweet potato powder and in the taro puree (usually11),Rubbing fern powder by side and side,Knead until it is not sticky。2024 European Cup Football Result Prediction

4.Skin and filling: Mo kneading into a taro surface,Take a small cluster with thumb and index finger constantly,turn the small taro ball into a flat circle,Packing into the stuffing,Sticking into a triangle,The shape of the taro dumplings of the three yuan people is different from the Mingxi flat ship shape& quot;Fern Autumn Bags ",must be "triangular dumplings"。Triangle means "stability& quot;, triangular pre -blessing Lu Shou.

Taro dumplings filling is generally three layers of meat foam、Shiitake、Red mushroom、Driedans、black bamboo shoots、Carrot、Drink、Shrimp、Onion flowers, etc.。Cut the filling after cutting the filling,Waiting for the filling of the stuffing is slightly cold, wrap it in the taro skin。

5.Taro dumplings: Use fierce fire,Be sure to let the water in the pot open before putting taro dumplings,Waiting for the surface of taro dumplings to penetrate in cold water after the water surface is surfaced,When the water is opened again, you can pick up the plate。

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