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Europa League winner odds 2024

2024 European Cup Football Result Prediction

1, main raw materials:japonica rice(It is better to get the rice out of the rice dumplings,Sanyuan dialect called japonica rice,Mi of meal is called rice)

2、ingredients,That is stuffing,Mainly three layers of meat、Winter bamboo shoots、Driedans、shiitake mushroom、Onion、Carrot, etc.,Chop them into granules,Then mix them and fry(Winter bamboo shoots must be steamed in advance)plus an appropriate amount of salt and spices.

3Production process:


(1)Hot rice:is the soaked japonica rice,Pour into the dustpan filter and remove water,Wait for a large pot to boil the rice and pour the rice into the pot before turning it back and forth with a spatula,Makes japonica rice a certain degree of viscosity。

(2)Steamed rice:Put the hot japonica rice in the rice dumplings.

(3)The steamed japonica rice poured on the stone mortar with a mortar hammer.

(4) Full fell into a bowl -shaped "粿Shengsheng "with hand into pieces into pieces and put it in the rice dumplings.


(5) After the second steaming粿The raw block pour into the stone mortar again. This is really entered粿stage.

(6) Pack粿: Use your palms to be slightly flat and round,Other fingers side support on the side of the opposite sideaThe 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionsmall group forms a thin bowl -shaped shape, wrapped in the stuffed stuffing.


Europa League 2024 Online Betting and Odds
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