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糍 糍 糍 (Triple of people is called 糍)
2019-05-28 11:25:28  Source: "Read Three Yuan" 2  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

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1. Main raw materials:Glutinous rice(Late NuoghanMi is better)

2, ingredients:

(1)BeansDou Xi, the first step, grind bean flour. Will yellowBeansPour into the hot stir -frying fine sand and mix in the hot pot,After the beans burst,Then shovel the sand and beans in the pot together into the sieve,Put the hourglass into the pot,Beans stay in the screen。Waiting for soybeans to be cold and cold,Then grind the fried soybeans with stones into bean flour。Step 2 Crossing brown sugar。Red made by the past three yuanDou XiAll are spherical,Basin sugar is also a whole block,It needs to European Cup Online Football Betting Oddsbe crushed into fine powder before using。The third step is mixed with beansDou Xi. Generally1: 1.4Bean flour、After the brown sugar is penetrated together,Make mixing and dynamic with wooden 擂,Make it evenly。This is the most commonly used ingredients。

(2)Sesame and sugar,Stir -fry the sesame seeds and mix it into white sugar,This is 糍。

(3)Salted sesame,Fry the sesame seeds into sauce and penetrate into salt,Fry it into sesame mud with an appropriate amount of oil,This is the ingredients commonly used by people who have made snacks in the past。

The above three types are ingredients that are dried when they eat ravioli,Introduction to cowpea below、Wet materials made by potato。

(1)Bean beans are cooked and rotten.(Sweet)or add salt(salty food)

(2)Potato(Huaishan)Cook it into a potato puree, add salt and mix it.

Soup:Lean meat、shiitake mushroom、Dryan、bamboo shoots and other cut into small ding,Add the seasoning to cook into salty soup,Drop the 糍 into a small group into the soup,This is called salty soup。

"Yellow Cycles" is an appropriate amount of millet to the main raw material glutinous rice(Sanyuan called yellow),Two kinds of raw materials are steamed and mixed together,turn the cricket into light yellow。The ingredients are the same as the above three categories,This kind of cricket will feel Xiaomi fragrance。

3Production process:

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(1)cooking(Steam)Glutinous rice:Soak the glutinous rice for about a few hours,Pour the soaked glutinous rice in the dustpan and filter the soaked water,Then pour the soaked glutinous rice into rice and steam。

(2):Pour the steamed glutinous rice into the stoneMquGo,First use the slippery hammer to process,After sticking the loose glutinous rice together,Then use a mortar hammer。

(3) Drag.糍After good, hold it to SprinkleDou XiBambooPrameMiddle,Add candy bean flour,Drop it into a small ball and jelly bean powder can be mixed with。

(4) Beat my wife。糍 is the three yuan people for the New Year,Please the staple food of the guests,Guests Europa League winner odds 2024who come to the New Year,Less two or three,as many as five or six people,Time may not be sure,It is impossible and not allowed to spend so much experience糍 The whole process,So the three yuan people created the way to hit the mother -in -law,Save both糍 time, and ensure that the staple food of the New Year is at any time.

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