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The food of the three yuan people
2019-05-28 10:54:02  Source: "Read Three Yuan" 2  Editor in charge: Zheng Xinfeng  

As the saying goes:"People take food as the sky"。Drunk Meimei Sanyuan Culture,Graduate condensing the three yuan food culture essence。These food culture boutiques,It mainly contains three major characteristics:

One,It is the "living fossil" of the traditional diet of the ancient Han nationality,A branch of the long -distance Central Plains Han food culture tradition。For example, the "Sugar Tower" of the "Qixi Festival" festival on the seventh day of the lunar calendar,"Chongyang 2024 European Cup match predictionsCake" of Chongyang Festival,is the legacy of the Central Plains food culture。

Its two,Fusion Fuzhou、Dietary characteristics of southern Fujian,Snacks pay attention to taste、Nutrition、Diverse,alike sour, sweet, spicy,Hi, light or not greasy。There are many varieties,style novel,Beautiful shape、deliciousPort;Square materials, fine workmanship, and unique taste. For example:Yan Wan、flat meat、Candy Bean、Sugar rice flower, etc.,The food flavor of the coastal area。

third,There is also the Hakka catering culture style of Tingzhou area。The raw material is rice、potato、Taro is the main,such as rice、Mi、糍 和 and taro dumplings,Rough in mountainous areas、fresh breath。

In short,Food accompanied by festivals,Holidays have spawned food。Colorful festivals,Destination、Carrying a long three yuan culture of the three Yuan culture,Apertonic 2024 European Cup match predictionsfood,Talk、It carries the past and the past with the three -yuan dietary culture。To understand the three yuan,You must read food.....

Sanyuan local specialty snack parts

Sweet, salty 糍, sesame 糍, Huang Su 糍, White粿, Ai粿, grinding pulp粿, rice frozen, rice tadpoles, baipabin, pot edge,粿、Fan dry、Hand -rolled noodles、flat food、rice bubble、Candy Bean、Tiger Egg、Buckwheat粿Zai、Lantern cake、rice cake、Dragon Gate Cake、The No. 1 Cake、Light Cake、Taro、tofu bag、tofu pill、Tofu brain、board duck、Sugar bag、Meat bag、Large intestine cake、Dry soup powder、line surface、Roasted beans、Green grass、Jade cake、匏 匏、Taro粿、Wine slot tofu milk、White tofu milk、Winter wine、Chrysanthemum wine is full of dazzling。

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