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Yuanfeng Mountain Bitter Gourd Film
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[Quality Management]Yuanfengshan bitter gourd is a new variety of bitter gourd with high scientific saponin content,Screening at a distance from the crowd、Air、Water Quality、Mountain environment without polluting soil,Selected diligence and simplicity、Experienced specific farmers as producers,Use organic fertilizer、Living killing real flies、New method of ecological cultivation,Strictly monitoring the process of production。Xianshan bitter gourd spindle shape,about 8 cm long,A diameter of about 3 cm,Meat is about 3 mm thick,Single melon weighs about 40 grams,Meat crispy tender,The taste is bitter。The processing of Yuanfeng bitter melon slices adopts natural sun production and drying,bitter gourd slices does not contain any pigment and preservatives,Make sure pure natural quality。

[Main ingredients] Scientific Europa League winner odds 2024detection,Yuanfengshan bitter gourd contains a variety of nutrients,protein、Fat、Sugar、Vitamin A、B1、B2、C、E,mineral calcium、Phosphorus、Iron ... Wait,It is hailed as "pure natural plant insulin" total saponin up to 6.73%,It has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of diabetic patients,without any side effects。

ingredient name

(per 1kg content)



Vitamin C (mg)



soluble solids%

Bitter Gourd Vegetarian


Total saponin


Yuan Fu Gourd







Ordinary bitter gourd







[Basic Effect] "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "Bitter Gourd,Its melon taste,Bitter cold non -toxic,Divide evil heat,Luckle lack of labor,Qingxin Mingmou,Its son's taste,Gan bitter non -toxic,Yiqi and Aphrodisiac "。 Bitter Gourd Dry Mosaic Tea Tea Cool Lowering Fire、Weight loss beauty、Reduced blood glucose、Anti -cancer、The potential for anti -inflammatory inflammation、Blood lipid、Blood pressure、Blood sugar and obesity have good inhibition and regulating effects,It is the ideal drinking ingredients for patients with hypertension and diabetes。

1. Both gourdin has a lowering effect on patients with diabetes,Its way to do is similar 2024 European Cup Football Result Predictionto that of toluene sulfa diced,There is no significant difference with the sugar descending sugar;

2. The protein composition and vitamin C contained in bitter gourd slices can improve the body's immune function,Making immune cells has the effect of killing cancer cells;

3. Bitter gourd dried slices of tea to nourish the liver,Diuretic,Summer,Licker wine,Assisting digestion,Cold prevention,It can also cure the throat inflammation and hot cough;

4. Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd cold tastes,Return to the heart、Lung、The stomach has coolness and quenching thirst、beauty beauty,Promoting the role of metabolism;

5. Frequent drinking bitter gourd dried tablets Tea can control oil control to prevent acne,Increases the vitality of the skin。

[Suitable crowd]

1. Patients with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia;

2. Eliminating thirst or heat stroke、Question drinking,Chibai Dianding。Red Eye Pain,Bloating Dan poison,Evil sores;

3. Excess nutrition,The ethnic group of greasy foods often consumes greasy foods;

4. beauty lovers、Pay attention to body type,Women hope that the skin is smooth and elastic;

5. Less exercise、office workers who are prone to gain weight、Students and otaku。

[Edit Method]

1. 2024 European Cup match predictionsBoil method: Boil the water with a small pot,Add bitter gourd dried slices and cook on low heat for about a minute, pour into a teapot,Wait for the tea liquid color of the dried pieces to drink, you can drink。This method bitter gourd dried slices of tea fragrance is the strongest,Effective comprehensive analysis is sufficient,The disadvantage is that time is longer、Complicated process。

2. brewing method: Put the bitter gourd slices in a teapot or in a filter.,Directly pour into boiling water,Bitter Gourd will quickly stretch,Real -time aroma,The disadvantage is that it is effective to analyze slower。

3. Soaking method: First full boiling water in the teapot,Put the bitter melon dried slices into soaking,Drink after 20 minutes and drink,continuously add water and brew and drink,This method is effective to analyze it more,The disadvantage is that the tea fragrance is lighter。


1. Cold constitution、Spleen and stomach deficiency、Cold pain in the abdomen、Destroyer、Pregnant women with caution。

2. The amount of consumption is generally 10-20 grams per day,Adjust the dosage of physical condition after consumption。

3. Dold cold、Yang deficiency can add a small amount of astragalus、5-8 wolfberry,Vitality and solid table、Europa League winner odds 2024Nourishment stomach、Liver nourishing、Nourishing kidney、Moisturizing the lungs。

2024 European Cup match predictions
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